Caterpillars, Bees, Dogs, Inner Kids & How They Can Save the Day

I remember lying in the grass – propped up on left elbow. My 6-year-old jean clothed knees grass stained.

Under my nose was a fuzzy caterpillar crawling along – minding its own business. Nothing else existed. Just my pure consciousness focused on a tiny being on its way somewhere with obvious purpose.

I touched its coarse back and a strange shudder ran through my body. I thought the creature beautiful, yet kind of creepy… the way its texture made my mind and body react.

It curled up into a ball and played dead. I felt horrible and hoped I didn’t hurt him.

A few days later, I was in a bathing suit at the edge of the pool. My heart was aching for a bee struggling to stay alive in the water. The yellow, black and brown insect swam in circles.

Holding my breath, I offered it a stick. It grabbed on and I guided it to the warm tile.

Generating a southern wind from my lungs, I blew on its wings to dry them off.

I became infused with purpose, relief and joy when it flew off with a second chance at life.

The perfect combo of nature, observation, and action taught me a lesson about second chances. A lesson so powerful I’m still thinking about it 34 years later.

Last evening, I was at dinner at a restaurant that allows dogs on the patio. A bunch of adults passed by with their pups. I couldn’t help but look at each animal – their owners would look me in the eye, smile and then look down at their fur kids with pride.

At one point, my server brought one of the dogs a bowl of water. She bent over and presented it — then patted the K-9 on the head. He wagged his tail and was obviously very happy. The server got down on her knee and became a kid for a second. It was beautiful and ever so raw.

I became a bit emotional when I saw her rise. She stood taller and it seemed like an invisible weight was lifted from her shoulders.

She was happy in that moment.

Two days ago. I woke  up at about 3am.

My black and white Maine Coon cat was by my side. I sat up on my elbow and noticed he was lying on his back, stretched as long as can be. His eyes were closed and he was off in some dreamland… far, far away.

I felt my heart double inside my chest — couldn’t help but rub his tummy and kiss the side of his face. He woke and stretched out even longer.

I think his heart doubled in his chest too. It feels good to be loved.

I share these stories for a simple reason. It’s just that we’re surrounded by beauty every second — and if we dare to tap into the child within (and not fear being weak or silly), magic is waiting for us.

All we have to do is open our eyes and choose to enjoy where we are.

Tomorrow will come soon enough.

Each action builds upon one another, and before we know it we will arrive in new spaces. Enjoy new opportunities.

The brain is a powerful tool. Whatever it’s fed, it will grow. Feed it fear, and fear will freeze you. Feed it anger, and anger will swallow you up.

Feed it love, and you’ll be a blessing. Feed it wonder, and you’ll see miracles. Feed it openness, and new opportunities will flood in.

Have you taken a moment lately to breathe and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you? Have you reconnected with your inner kid lately?

It’s time to wake up and come home — to the real you — the one who whispers about hope and love and tenderness and beauty.

Miracles and magic too…


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